Clientside model in HUD

Any way how to render model in custom HUD?

Tried render.Model

local hr_model = {}
hr_model.model = "models/predatorcz/hard_reset/hud/hud.mdl"
hr_model.pos = Vector (ScrW()/2,ScrH()/2,0)
//hr_model.angle = Angle(0,0,0)

and ClientsideModel

local entity = ClientsideModel("model/predatorcz/hud/hud.mdl", RENDERGROUP_OPAQUE )
entity:SetRenderOrigin( Vector (ScrW()/2,ScrH()/2,0) )
//entity:SetRenderAngles( Angle(0,0,0) )

nothing i tried seems to work at all, i dont have much experience with this stuff.

You can use DModelPanel or SpawnIcon

But it needs parent entity

AAh, i hate my life, how i should known DModelPanel doesnt need parent…