Clientside Physics

So currently in Garry’s Mod I’m having a hard time doing anything related to clientside entity physics, which is a massive pain when the gamemode I’m working on relies entirely on the client’s physics.
The wiki tells you it’s broken from the start, but it works anyway. When you try to do anything fancy, eg: constraints, motion controllers, etc. Nothing works, and it makes life much more difficult than it has to be.

So what’s the plan for S&Box and clientside entities with physics and so on?
Will it be possible to create constraints on the client (or whatever alternative Source 2 provides)?
Will clientside PhysObjects have the same functionality as the server this time?

Depending on the case, I might end up delaying the gamemode until I’ve got access to S&Box, as I’m slowly losing it with GMod.

Cheers :slight_smile: