Clientside Radio

I’ve had this radio on my server for a while and Ive just been adding things to it here and there but i decided to release a version to today and thought i would share it with people on facepunch too. Its a simple 100% clientside radio that loads a list of streams and mp3’s off of my site and off of PulsarEffects site (see note below) it will work on any server that isnt sv_scriptenforcer 1 and it is extremely small, 1 lua file and a vtf/vmt. Hope you guys enjoy it :smiley:

The recent switch to WebKit has caused a few problems with using windowless media players like Windows Media Player so I’ve been working on porting to just flash based player (using the PlayX libs has saved me a lot of time). Still working on it and having trouble finding a way to play MMS and other stream types but here is a remuxed version that just plays MP3s with the latest gmod (as of 7/21/10).

Hah, kewl, now we can rape mingeservers, using overdistorted overloaded 300Db’elled noise, that will rape everyone’s ears. Downloading.


Or not?

Wow, that menu looks quite good.

Can you also add your own streams to it?

you can open them with the custom url button but otherwise no, its loading a list of mp3s/streams off of my site and linking to them. But if you give me the stream URL I’ll gladly add it to the list :smiley:

This is epic make a server side copy also and it will be win

if you have ulx put it in the garrysmod\addons\ulib\lua\ULib\modules\client and the client will download and run the clientside file automatically or make a serverside include.lua


Well, nice gui, but it’s pretty restricted in the way of adding your own playlists…

Also, why do you run a cracked server?

Edit: I also see a sincere lack of whitespace in the code…

True i might add a custom playlist tab once i learn about all the file.* stuff