Clientside Ragdolls face pose - is it possible?

I need this desperately. Namely, I need to duplicate a regular prop_ragdoll into a clientside ragdoll.

I’ve got the ragdoll’s position and finger poses copied over, but flex values just aren’t working. It seems I’m not the first to discover this - Entity:SetFlexScale mentions that it doesn’t work on CSRagdolls. So it sounds like I’m SOL… But if anyone has any way to overcome this limit, I’m all ears.

But it seems to be no bug that these functions don’t work on CS Ragdolls - Entity:HasFlexManipulatior does return false when called on CSRagdolls. So it seems to me like it may be a simple matter to fix it in the engine for the next release - like a missing flex controller for the class that can be added in 5 minutes or something to that effect - although I obviously can’t know that for sure without looking at the code, it’s just a semi-educated guess.

So, dear devs… I love you guys. Please give this issue a 5-minute chance?