Cliff model requests

i want someone, to make this please

i have tryed to include as much of a detailed picture as i could they are cliff faces really
i want someone to make me a set of these models
they have got to be massive ok, like if you was on top of it and looked down you would go “fuck that!”
the little path-way should just about fit the buggy and it must have good collision models
and the face of the cliff should not be smooth and they MUST all be the same size, so if you put them side by side you could walk from one prop over onto the other

now, i use 3dsmax at college and i know this is not that hard to do


and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions

This is a neat idea.


do you have any skill in modeling can you do it?
or are you just saying you like the idea? :v:

What the bajeezus did you use to make those pics? MSPaint? If so, nice job!

I’d do this if I had any idea how to do collision models ><

I do, but I can’t make proper PHY models so I can’t help you there.

Plus I’m sort of busy at the moment, but I’d like to see this done.

This sort of thing might be better done with map prefabs.

yes i did use MS-paint, i couldn’t be bothered to open up photoshop, or flash

collision models are not that tought it’s like…

ok, you see the two points between the lower cliff edge and the top edge?

those two?
well on some models, the part of the prop you walk on is not like the shape it is like in game instead you find yourself walking on a invisable part of the prop like this

well what i want is so the prop is walkable on the parts you see … like this


perhaps, but i want to move them about and make bases with them so maybe not :confused:

it looks like a mesa, and is almost black

its a black mesa (joke)

this should be like a landscape type of prop

well yeah, thats what i’ve been planning (put two together and make a cliff face, or put one oppersite each other and make a vally kind of thing

Just make a map. It would be, like, twenty times easier.

he said he wants a prop

Obviously, but do you know how to do this? Because I don’t.

ive always been looking for some cliffs
reinact 300 :smiley:


Dont use the source engine?
How about C# and XNA or if you want to be annoyed to fuck I’d say Direct X

so… anyone up to this task?

If you wanted it to be mapped, I would be happy do it. I always love cliffs. But otherwise theres nothing that I can do.

well thanks anyway

anyone else?

I can do this very easily, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow, I’m heading to bed now.

As I said in your last thread… its an impractical request in my opinion

I’m not saying I don’t know where you want the collision models. I’m saying every time I try to do collision models they phail epically.