Cliffhanging spider about to release his doom on a mech

Yes very cool title is cool!

I’m not very happy about this, so please C&C!

If he is a spider why is he in the cold :v:

Seriously though nice editing

You might not be hapy,but its freaking awesome to me :open_mouth:

christmas vacation

Awesome work

Hahaha, well played.

About the pic, the snow needs some collide with the models but the rest is quite awesome.

better run like a bitch

Where are people getting these Lost Planet models?

that can’t be gmod… YOUR LYING!! PEOPLE ARE NOT THAT GOOD!

Right here.

And very nice work by the way.

Eww the greenscreen aliasing. The contrast is a little harsh for me too. Other than that, awesome.

Thanks for the comments you guys.

@chesty, I was gonna use normal isolation, but for some reason… I didn’t. :v:

Nuh-uh Spiders are jewish.
Lol that middle pirate pixelated.

The man in the centre is horrendously pixelated, how could you miss that?
The snow seems to engulf everything and have no depth or collision. Far far from your best work.



Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

I lol’d at a possible misinterpretation of title

I don’t get it :o

dont worry about it