Climbing accident

well i posed this on my friends server and originally it was going to be just one guy falling and you would see a small camp on a ledge of the cliff with people trying to help the one guy but then a bunch of mingebags came into the server and blew up the campsite so i decided to make this instead c and c please these are unedited cause i don’t have gimp right now and i don’t know how to use it either

very nice picture.
looks great

Not knowing how to use image editing software is not an excuse.

Learn, and try again pl0x.

I loled at the above :v:


FUCK AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Splat

Work on faceposing.

i did face pose her i made it so shes like kinda stunned

Yeah I guess shouldn’t she look scared though?

This is why I don’t rock climb…

atleast… not since ‘the Incident’…

She does not seems very concerned about the fact that she is fall off a frickin’ kliff!

It loosk as if they are running upwards :raise:

not to be johnny raincloud, but you wouldent climb without a dude on the ground holding the rope, wouldent rope climb without having anchors in the wall… but i LOLD

Not to be Johnny fucking Raincloud here, but why the fuck did you bump this thread?

But Chesty!

He lol’d!

for the greater luls tard

Yeah because everyone knows that bumping old threads gets mega lols from the whole forum.