Climbing NPC's

Does anyone know how to make NPC’s climb to a ledge? Thanks.

be more specific.

When you see it in games like HL2, it’s a scripted sequence, not a real-time animation.

When you see it in L4D, there’s a shit-ton of precalculation the infected ai does as it’s approaching a ledge, such as how high the ledge is, how low the ceiling is, do I vault over it or is it solid on top, etc.

I think he means climb nodes guys.

Like in hl2 when the zombies climbed up the piping.

If so, then:

His tuts are what got me started in mapping.

I want a Citizen to climb a ledge.

Don’t quote me on this, but I think there isn’t a model for it.

I think you’d have to make one, but I have no idea how you’d do that.


But the animations are models.

No, animations are animations.

I thought the animations were .mdl files though…

They’re animatioooons.

The mdl files (The models) Contain animations articulated by valve team members with sensors on their joints. That is usually why custom ones look so unnatural.


I mean for people, man it would be a pain in the ass to build and sensor joint the citadel anims!

They aren’t “sensors”, they’re called bones and joints. Animating isn’t that hard, the hard part is making a QC and making the animation look right.

I mean when they recorded the employees at v- Never mind, I was talking about when they recorded the anims for the half-life 2 series.



Also yes, it is bones and joints when it comes to the computer side. I wouldn’t believe for a second they tie bones to themselves at the recording studio. :v:

No, they put a grid on the floor and the wall and put green dots on several places on their body and map it out with computer software.

Nobody has answered my question thoroughly.

There’s a few climbing animations in the EP2 rebel models, just use a scripted sequence and some nodes and start trying.