Climbing (or flying) Zombie

Would it be possible to make a type of zombie that was like a bird, or could climb up (and down) walls


Grr, this is quite a good idea for gamemodes. Imagine it, your on a high ledge, all the zombies are pissed because they cant get you there. Suddenly you hear a cry in the distance, swarm of flying zombies are flying towards you!!

1st, flying zombies wouldn’t be all that hard, besides some script and some animations, but that would be stupid, you couldn’t escape them and you couldn’t go up somewhere to reload

2nd climbing zombies would be awesome but all walls would have to be an entity and that would take forever to make for a decent map. plus you’d always have the one dumb mapper who “forgot” (didn’t) put on the wall entity and has a 100% safe camping spot.

Zombie Survival — Fast Zombie…

you could just make it climb up the world and everything else…

yes thats true

God damn this would be epic for a l4d gmod gamemode (I might be making :3:)

Whats the point of a l4d gamemode when l4d exists. >.<

The same reason why “Incoming” was made when we have “Avalanche”,
The same reason why “The Stalker” was made when we have “The Hidden”,
The same reason why “The Gims” was made when we have “The Sims”,
The same reason why “Gmod Parkour” was made when we have “Mirror’s Edge”,
Need I continue?

I think this would be somewhat fun, yet if you add fast zombies and antlions, it is still pretty challenging. If you got up to the top of a skyscraper, the only way the zombies shouldn’t be able to follow you is if you no-cliped, made an elevator, or stood on a prop and phys’d yourself upward.

Flying zombies = naah, don’t really sound so cool…

Climbing zombies = This on the other hand sounds like a really cool idea… Someone should make something like Melombine’s running zombies and add this.

Yeah, make a total 28 Days Later zombie, except for the blood on eyes/mouth=zombifictation within seconds bit.
I love playing Zombie RP and making these huge, intricate, buttoned bases…The fast zombies on my server already can “slide” up things, but a climbing zombie could just climb and leap off. Also, I tend to build with chainlink…Oh god, I need to go watch 28 Days Later again…

If they do do the “superinfection” mode, it would be so cool, though…