Clip models and world/map

I posted this question quite a while ago in a different forum but it did not get any response. I was hoping someone knows the answer here. What I am working on is a teleporter based on the Terminator movies where you arrive in a sphere that will vaporize any matter in the sphere (I know how to remove entities but I want to clip them). I have seen addons that allow models to be clipped on a plane that includes both physical and visual clipping. I would like to recreate this but in a sphere. In addition I would like to have the sphere be just below the surface as in the films and clip the ground of the map to create a small crater. Imagine playing gm_flatgrass and emerging under the platform between the wall and the hidden room to make a hole straight through. When I posted this question before several months ago I was directed to Facepunch from another site where they said they saw world map clipping but I have turned up zero results. I understand this is a bit ambitious and if anyone would like to lend a hand I would love the help.