Clippet - MS Office Assistant

Comes in 4 Sizes

And 2 bodygroups (one without the paper back drop)

Time to kill this fucker.

Does it have full faceposing?

my thoughts exactly

Don’t do that! He’s just trying to help you!!

“I see you are trying to kill me. Can I help?”

Lol, assisted suicide.

Haha nice, I remember him.

It’s payback time.

I will force him to kill himself with pizzas.

Looks like your trying to download a model of me, can i help?

Gaah! Kill it! Kill it quickly, before it does anything!

Oh god I hate that little fucker.

Make a fully ragdolled version of the little wizard guy next.

I’m totally going to recompile this with jigglebone googly eyes.

I need a Playermodel just so that I can roleplay as him

“I see you are trying to put alyx.mdl in a sex pose with another version of alyx.mdl”

Hi it looks like you’re trying to make a sex pose with me would you like some help?

“Hi! Looks like you’re trying to download me, need help?”

“I see you want a player model of me. Can I help you?”