Clipping/culling player models through world geometry

Had this as a spontaneous quick shower thought that may provide some type of usefulness over a wide variety of different type of gamemodes, as it would provide some extra options for developers depending on the type of addons they’re creating if there’s in-built support for it.

Should parts of player models be culled when passing through walls to prevent arms and legs or other bits and bobs sticking through, when they are for example standing so close against a wall they could lick it?

Would this be a feature available for developers or would it make sense to include it by default or optionally for all objects passing through world geometry (i.e. VIS occluding geometry only - not props or other entities)

As an example, here’s 3kliksphilip’s video on how Vave implemented this in CSGO:

Another example I can think of straight out of the box is from an old Stargate addon in Gmod where they visually clip the model entering the Stargate, phallic representation and all:

I think as long as we have limited clipping planes, we can do whatever we want. Even add clipping planes for all world walls procedurally.

It would probably work a lot nicer if the we had control over clipping panes. As the first video shows, it doesn’t always work perfectly, so some fine tuning would probably be required for some maps. There’s likely people who want players to clip through walls too.

Considering that this is already possible in GMod, and that S&box is meant to be an evolution of that, I’m pretty sure implementing something like that would be fairly straightforward. Not sure if it should be in the game by default, but it probably could be just as well provided by an addon.