Clipping Issues, recommendations to fix

Hello all,

So since I got Rust a few months back I have always had a clipping issue and just chocked it up to the game and issues. This clipping issue happens much more when in town or going around corners ect. However recently I have even seen it while running away from people, or while running to a resource. Examples:

Example 1:
Run to a resource start mining, then POP I’m a few steps back away from the resource

Example 2:
Just running in a straight line, then POP I’m a few steps back. Or running in a straight line look back to make sure I’m not being followed, turn back to start running, a few seconds later POP I’m back a few steps facing the other direction from when I looked back.

Now I have looked at my pings which are fine, they are between 60-100 on the server I play on which is acceptable. My FPS was the next thing I looked at. I’m always above 60FPS with it fluctuating from 60-120. I always turn off the grass in rust when I login as well. So I’m not sure if this is just Rust being glitchy or something as else as my friend doesn’t experience this issue unless in town or if pings spike and its just lag.

Any recommendations would be helpful on correcting this as I’m tired of running away from people to be teleported back a few steps to get a shot gun/pipe shot guns down, along with the general annoyance

My systems is:

Intel CPU Quadcore i5
Geforce GTX660TI
8GB Memory
Intel SSD Hard drive

The only thing I can think of is I’m 1 revision behind in my nvidia drivers but I didn’t install them right away as I saw some people on the forums having problems with them in Rust so I have held off.

Any help would be great,


Hello. I just want to say that it is not a glitch. It is lag. Server lag or ur internet. Basicaly what happens is u run and ur computer stops receiving game packages. Than it gets old packages and takes u back to the location it received packages in. Explaining that in other words it is to do with server lag or your internet speed or lag or ping… It is not a glitch. Its same as u play CSS / CS:GO with people that have slow internet. U see them teleport from place to place and not run smoothly. Its a same thing. They do not receive game data packages and server does not know where they are. Then server receives some pacjages and adjusts game character to the location it received packages on.

Sry if it is hard to understand but I tried my best explaining that :slight_smile:

I know server lag and track my ping, and all is well, so the only other thing this can be is packet loss, however there is no way to track that in game while its going unless i had another monitor hooked up with a ping constantly going to the server in questions. The odd thing is this happens on EVERY server I’ve ever been on. While my friend has had less issue. We are on the same ISP, my connection is acutally better. He has a 10Mbps pipe I have a 25mbps pipe. We play on the same servers all the time and try to find the closest ones to our location.

I can’t really think of anything else that can be done on my side to help this issue? I’ve even seen this on servers remotely close to our location.

Thanks for the help tho, just looking if there is anything else I can do.

Problems in ur cpmputer.

^ You are so insightful, it is almost astonishing…

Don’t be sarcastic… Go and google it than. I just sayd whats the problem… How can I know what is wrong… Maybe ur Antivirus eats to much of ur resources… Maybe some background programs… Maybe u have a Virus eating ur PC… How da F*** I should know?

  1. U should explain ur problem better.
  2. F***ing GOOGLE it.

I gave a sarcastic answer to a sarcastic answer. If your not going to be helpful don’t post at all. This is like someone posting a question on a car forum to have someone say your car’s the problem.

I gave lots of information in my post as to spec’s, ping results, fps results, ect. I’m looking to if other people have had similar issues and have found a answer. The computer runs every other game I play just fine. It has an active anti-virus which reports everything clean, malware scans show nothing, and there is LOTS of spare CPU / memory resources left. So Google you way into a logical post next time.

CTRL+ALT+DEL … Check all processes… Some antivirus will not catch a Keylog or other that kind of spyware. But it will always show up in processes. Im not talking about that simple process window Im talking about…

CTRL+ALT+DEL -> Task Manager -> Performance -> Resource Monitor.

And check if u see something suspicious.

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Or try to download TuneUp utilities and start “TuneUp 1-click Maintenance”