Clipping Plane Help

My map is almost fully made of 800x800 displacments and my z-clipping plane is failing on me:

Anyone know how to fix this?

Probably the fog or max view distance settings. I highly doubt that, though.
It’s probably something to do with your computer, other than HL2.

That’s not the Z-clip plane, the z-clip plane is much smoother than that. Looks like something screwed up during the VVIS compile, did you have it on fast or normal?

I have it on fast.
Also, the entity information limit is above max but apparently that makes no difference…

There’s your problem, running it on fast causes it to skip many vital processes which complete the map compile. run it on normal, or even with “-final” (Correct me if I’m wrong,) in the additional parameters section of the compile settings window.

I’ll try that, thanks :smiley:

It usualy takes to min on fast…
Its still not done XD

-final is for VRAD to make it calculate more accurate lightbounces, not vvis.

Its been about 2h and its still doing the portal flow…
What is portal flow and is there a way I can reduce the time it takes to compile it?


Along with optimizing your map.

k, thanks
but how do I use it? :confused:

Is this your first map?

Its a brush entity, so make a brush with the tools/trigger texture on it, press ctrl+T and type func_viscluster as its class.

Make the brush fill the area which you will render all at once. You are manually telling VVIS that everything inside of it can see each other. Thus speeding up compile time.

Like I said, also optimize your map.

I know how to make a brush entity >.>
I just wasn’t sure where I was supposed to put it…
Also, the map is optimizsed.

Also, i find that effect can come when you change the vmf, and only compile vis.
Make sure you are compiling the bsp and there are no errors.
Also, why use 800x800 displacements? powers of two are much easier

I added func_viscluster and it didn’t help the compile time at all :frowning:

You need to add more/ make larger ones depending on your map size.

Thanks but I got it to work :smiley:
I’ll remember thins for my next map.