ClipPlane tool for servers >:3

I just put the clipplane tool, onto my server and it doesn’t work for servers yet D:

Even with the .dll file in modules folder.
Darn D:

Dear creator of the clipping tool for gmod. Make it work client side or whatever. Thanks, Unicorn Kid :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone in love with this tool yet? I am! Its opening up alot of new doors for building things. Very enthusiastic about it working for the server though. Sadly it doesnt work yet.

this tool never worked for us at all.
we had 4 different people install it and either it makes a prop fall through the map or it dosen’t do anything

Yeah the tool made my props fall through the map on my server. On single player it seemed to work well. I hope to see it working for servers in the future

oh so it wasn’t just me then lol

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