Cloaking Devices and Camo (Lessons from GW2/Shadowbane)

This game is going to need them. I was a core tester(main alpha/beta testing group), and long time player of Guild Wars 2 and Shadowbane. One of the problems with those games is that by morning, all your work was generally undone unless you were in a very large alliance who owned everything.

So I was thinking about this last night and this morning. How do you stop the off hours locust effect? Large groups of players who will raid/pillage all the defenesless items in the game?

My solution is camo/cloaking. Add lots of large bushes to the game. Then give lower level players the options of enoguh rocks or wood to build a “camo” cover for their small wooden shed, or after enough research and such they can build a powered cloaking device to hide large structures.

This will allow for them to put “hidden” bases from which they can store their more important resources while allowing for more public structures, and when you build something it will have a better chance of making it through the night.

Because no matter how well you build your base, no matter how many automated systems are in place to protect it while you’re sleeping, someone is going to locust swarm the base and take everything if they can see it.

Firstly, define this lower level player because surely at the end of the night, maybe two days, if you know how to play you become a strong player. So your cloaking device will only aid the strong players even more, they know the map, so they know most of the good hiding spots, now this means with an extra clocking device their bases might never be found.

I’m a strong player, I know the map well, I know good hiding places, my base was raided once and that’s because of an admin. Now I’m a bandit but I always take out other bandits first to make the game easier for other players. Now if the bandits with tons of resources build a hidden base, I will never be able to take them out. Making the game even easier for them.

Valid points, with a lower population but eventually this is going to be a problem. When people are more invested in playing this game their will be raiding parties constantly out there.

And the cloaking devices will have… say a shimmer when you’re close to them that encourage more investigation. The camo could just be a bush, or rock formation that covers your enclosure.

It would just make you looking for the base a little more difficult, but give solo players more of a buffer of protection.


How the fuck are you going to craft a cloaking device (that barely exists IRL) with wood, stone, and basic blacksmithing skills?

Cloaking device, or camo. Either or. Hell even camo nets.

Rust isn’t about making you safe.

Agreed. Too many carebears want their dick held.

I also agree with the fact that people are trying to hard to make this game PvE… BUT I also agree that their is not enough base defense. I am not sure if “cloaks” or “nets” are the answer, but I actually would like to see more trees and forested areas on the map. I would also like to see more gaps or caverns in the mountains that make base building a little bit better.

Think about it… if the map was larger (Hacker Valley actually had towns… roads… etc) then there would be more playable area to explore and less of a chance being discovered somewhere else.

you sir are a carebear disgrace to all SB players.

if your going to pillage anything from SB it should be siege hammers and siege weaponry.

high weight, high value items that are consumed on placement or have combat penalties while being used (ie a unique foundation for a base to place a catapult etc.) and weapons with no combat use becoming the only way to damage structures

siege structures let you raze walls etc. hammers or rams let you mash down doors

Maybe the camo net thing could work out okay, but the electric powered cloaking device is the dumbest shit I have ever heard for a “survival game” we don’t even have those irl! How the hell can you build one in the forest with nothing but your bare hands and a rock!

Steps to resolve your current problem:

1.) Stop building your base in popular area’s. Build in more a recluse area and hide it well. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you want to sit between popular area’s or rich resource nodes, be prepared to get raided

2.) Build your base so its hard to raid but not a giant target. Massive castles make it harder to raid but also paint a giant target on you

3.) Build your base so it is stupidly annoying for the person to get in, as its not about building an unraisable base but more so building a base that just doesn’t make it worth their time.

4.) Don’t store you stash at the top of your base as that is the first place most people look. Spread it out through a couple floors and a few metal doors. Make them work for your stash

5.) Use small stash to hide things, you would be surprised how many times people miss these

6.) Your playing a hardcore open PVP world stop complaining.

7.) Possibly look into no craft c4 servers, raiding is much harder there

8.) Enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Why not remove metal doors then? Your suggestions that allowing for camoflage some how takes away from the “hardcore” nature of the game (or trying to infer this some how makes the game more “carebear”) speaks to your complete lack of understanding in player populations, game development, or gamer retention.

Adding the ability for players to camoflage their structures adds to the nature of the game. You’d be able to do so in the “real world” quite easily. This would also encourage the develpment of storage caches and increase the solo player ability. While of course your unimaginative retort will be “this is a multiplayer game” adding the ability to hide varying structures can only improve the game play, as well as encouraging more types of players.

What honestly is the difference in your minds between building your structure far off in the mountains into the terrain to hide it, or building a structure closer to populated areas but adding the ability to camo it?

You people are trying to sound “hard core” but you come across more like “don’t make this game harder for me”.

Adding the element of camo will help with the tactics of small groups and solo players and add a level of difficulty. Increasing the available tactics, and increasing the different types of players.

I see what you mean, putting leaves and branches over your shack to cover it up making it harder to notice if placed in the right spot, making a net with leaves and stuff wouldn’t be too bad either and quiet useful. Its not gonna happy now or many time soon, maybe at all but this would be an interesting feature. But asking for electric camos and shit is like asking for force fields. It ain’t happening, ever!

Cloaking is stupid.

Camo could work. i guess you would be able to cover a small shack with bush IRL with the basic tools. That said, it would still stick out like a sore thumb, as a lot of players know the maps. You could hide them better in dense forests but there are too few of them so there would be a lot of camo shacks in them.

Wont take much until someone ask for a spaceship or a portal to another dimension.

Don’t forget invisible nuke throwing hover tanks.

They already announced those on Trello.

Camo isn’t a bad idea, but would require other resources to be added. Cant make camo without making some leaves in the equation.

“Wood” Should suffice for a natural camo, or “stones” for a mountain camo.

About the only thing that would even be remotely usable as camo with what is currently available is breaking down charcoal and covering yourself in it so you are harder to see at night. Further along in the games life, who knows?

Absolutely absurd.