Clock Blockers - A Time Travel FPS


I’ve been working on this gamemode for a while (although gamemode isn’t exactly the right word for it since at this stage the code is meant purely for testing ideas… perhaps breadbox?), and I figured I’d put enough into it at this point for it to be presentable. Check it out:


At the moment I’m waiting for more support for Player NextBots before I’ll start working on an official version of the gamemode, but for now I’d still like to test stuff out and try out new ideas that might make the game more fun. If you’d like to help me test this gamemode out, hit me up.

EDIT: Oh yeah! Special shout out to nickthegamer5 for being an awesome tester, for putting up with my bullshit, and for helping me with this video.

Wait, a gamemode that isn’t SriptfodderRP?

This looks dope as fuck. A bit confusing, but I wanna try this out.

Seriously dude, nice work. We need more originality around here.

Totally thought this said Cock Blockers

looks interesting
[sp]i’m also waiting on better player nextbots for a few projects of my own[/sp]

nice song

Nickthegamer just can’t catch a break

Fuck, this is cool.

Holy motherfucking shit bro I want to try this shit out.

EDIT: Would love to help test shit. HMU

Yeah, that’s the Green Bird easter egg.

I made it so that the game would be able to calculate if you were about to fall to your death, in which case the game would slow down time and then play this song. Some people thought it was a stupid feature, but I find it humorous that this happens every time you fuck up and fall to your death.

So graceful. So beautiful.

Based on the video, I’d reduce the length of the slowmo death fall in game so that it happens just before they splat because I can imagine it getting annoying if people kept (purposely?) jumping off high ledges in order to slow the game down.


Otherwise, absolutely fantastic. Good to see fresh stuff popping up in gmod that isn’t boringRP or trouble in turd town.

thats the best feature ive ever heard of

This looks awesome! Do you plan on the past player bots showing “Unlinked” over their heads when their timelines are interfered with?

That’s already represented with red X’s (and the linked inverse, a green tick) in F-vision (you see it in the video when shit goes grayscale.)

I just recently spent a few hours with raubana enjoying the gamemode (with 300 ping mind you) and absolutely loved it. It just needs a few good maps, but the bots behavior unlinked writes itself. A smart player pre-plans their future journeys so the bots have pretty good positions.

Also what’s important to note is that I don’t remember who won outright, but cs_office play was fun.

I think it’s best when it’s just a little too long. It gives you time to think about what you’ve done. :v:
And you’re right - there might be people who will trigger it on purpose. I’ll work on that more when it becomes an issue I cannot ignore (or when I get to it).

Here’s another video of the easter egg.

This looks awesome.

Looks like something that servers may not want to host, since it seems be two player, and I can’t see it working with many more than a handful of players. Maybe you could ask Hoffa about his matchmaking thing.

Just wanted to let you know that I’d totally contribute to this if you ever put it up on github, but it’s totally understandable if you don’t want to do that.

I’ll ask Hoffa about it, that sounds really cool!

I do want to put it on github, but right now this code is meant purely for testing ideas, and as a result it’s very messy. I’ll start a github project for it at some point in the future when there’s better support for Player NextBots.

Quick question about the map in the video, isn’t that map cs_crackhouse?

It’s a derivative of crackhouse, called cs_homegrown.

Holy shit, sorry for the self-bump. This p2p update might have just saved my gamemode!

I think you might find it did. Your gamemode is the perfect format for P2p.