Clock with 15 skins animated for whole Hour.

Since I was bored in school I decided to make a model of clock.
So I made this clock with 15 different colorful skins.
As well as I animated it for a whole hour. It has
Hour Arrow - Not moving
Minute Arrow - Moving as real minutes ( I think)
Seconds Arrow - Moving as real seconds (you can take stopwatch and test it yourself)
Animation has 3600 frames ( I know it sounds a lot, but trust me it doesn’t lag at all, and model itself is only 100 kb)
Has 14-15 different skins. Depends if you count pink as a skin. In order to use it in your maps put it as prop_dynamic.
Few models have selfillumination on textures.

Bugs Known:
For first 10 (real life time) minutes minute arrow will be kinda slowed. But then it will start working perfectly with it’s normal speed!

Or Find it on toybox in props section.

Have Fun.

this is fucking awesome beyond belief.

Very good idea. I like it.

I liked the Fallout: New Vegas clock.


I thought I should rate clocks, but I’ll give you a palette instead! :buddy:

I love that Fallout one, an absolutely fantastic pack.

If you noticed fallout skin has glowing goggles in darkness.

pure shit we see right here, proper job mate.

Why is this not popular?
A few requests.
24 hour clock
a clock with out hands

By the way, the hour hand does actually go round, just very slowly.

Yeah, I did. What about it?

It’s amazing, that’s what.



Shit, I’m craving for a 24 hour version now. :saddowns:

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And a script that ties the clock to the current time and stuff and awesome :v:

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shit would be so cash

I wanted to make an 24 hours. BUt I mean what’s the point? you can’t really fast forward animation to time you need. And you obviously wont play on same map for 24 hours without removing it. Usually players play around 1 hour on map then change.

Badass, dude. The green one’s going in my BDU office no question.

Very nice and creative.

Yeah, I know. I did notice the huge screen shot showing it.