Clockwork Development Server - Experiment Redux Server

A social experiment to see what kind of economies, groups and systems are formed when you place a group of humans in a test bed scenario with access to whatever they want. A remake of the popular Experiment (the first one, not its successors) on the upcoming Clockwork framework.

Clockwork is still a very heavy work in progress, so do not let any similarities to OpenAura affect your view. The Clockwork todo list is very big and a lot of things still need a complete redesign.

  • A large arsenal of weapons and armor.
  • An on-the-fly unique/legendary and rare item creation system for admins to add variety in weapons and armor.
  • A fair and balanced administration and development team.
  • A fun community with active Ventrilo users.
  • So much more…

Content is available at:

Community forums:

Server address:

Ventrilo address:

Loving Clockwork so far, cant wait for the release.


I think I’ll join soon, it seems cool.

I really like the direction you’re taking this gamemode, Conna. It’s a good change from what you used to do :smile:

This is looking great.
Cant wait for a release.

I joined the server expecting I would get unlimited weapons and everything :C

This is really, really confusing, but, I am sure this is all part of your psycho plot to make us test rats! Resist, brothers!

The gamemode is really fun :slight_smile:
Been playing it since Day 1

Hmm, facinating. I’ll probably never wind up participating, but I’ll keep an eye on it. Interesting indeed.

i find the gameplay to be a little to slow for my taste, im forced to hide with a printer for 6 hours before having the capability to do anything

Looks really cool. Im gonna give it a try.

Well we had a good time socialising down there.

I was there few days ago.
The script seemed to be very similar to OpenAura, although much more optimized and of course the layout is a little bit different. I liked it.

I made the Talon Company. It’s open for anyone here to join.

The administration doesn’t seem to be as balanced as they claim to be in my opinion. One guy got banned for thirty hours for mic spam. Right after he was banned, I got spawn killed and the killer was never taken care of. The day after this, I gathered a group to deal with the guy who killed me, our group shot him down and an admin started yelling at us for it. It seems as if the administrators only help their friends.

Other than the problem with the administration, the gamemode can be very fun at times. There are just a lot of players who have the best gear and they try raiding the new players. If the administration can be sorted out then I would be happier.

AKA, Fallout: New Vegas roleplay on IG or ZARP.

Our Talon Company is open for any beginners to join.

I got propkilled and lost my ump9 yesterday. I asked the admin to deal with it and in the end, i get banned and not him.
Nice waste of a day.

The gamemode itself is great though.

You weren’t the only one who was banned on the rooftop. There was another guy who I’m pretty sure prop killed a prop killer and got banned for it. I ran away from the building and tried to lay low for a while. Good thing I’ll soon be able to afford an exoskeleton so then I can get revenge.

P.S. It’s Ian Gold by the way.

theres several aimbotters currently attacking the talon company they are shooting through several bricks walls pinpoint at us