Clockwork Improved FPV?

Hello Guys.

Im wondering if there is a plugin or coder that can make the FPV improved. Like you see your body and gun when its not raised.

Look at this vid :

That is what im talking about, The view.

if anyone can code a FPV for me i would be forever happy :dance:

Anyone who can, Either reply on this thread or add me on steam.

I really need this plugin for my server!

Id really like to see this updated too

I made that plugin long time ago for CRG… but I won’t give it to you for free.

Then why bother replying?

If the OP wants it so badly he would probably want to give money for it, and that way they both gain.

If I’m not mistaken, Tiramisu has the same kind of view point. You could probably port it over to Clockwork.

Hey, Its neuro123. Im on a difforent account.

RJ. Could you add me on steam and help me do that?

Username: [pG-OWNER] Overwatch.EOS

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And i tried to swap the gamemode to Tiramisu 2 But it wouldent work…

Error: [[pG-OWNER] Overwatch.EOS|5|STEAM_0:0:5067060] Lua Error:
Couldn’t include file ‘tiramisu\gamemode\cl_init.lua’ (File not found) (<nowhere>)

[[pG-OWNER] Overwatch.EOS|5|STEAM_0:0:5067060] Lua Error:
Couldn’t Load Init Script: ‘tiramisu/gamemode/cl_init.lua’

Ah yes, I was having that problem too.

I believe I gave up, but then someone posted this(post #8) and I thought about it for a while.