Clockwork Kraken -recruiting-

Clockwork Kraken is recruiting. We are a team on Rustopia US looking for mature players with 4 digit playtimes. We currently have 13 members and play daily for 5-9+ hours. We roam multiple times a day and have only one ally. We don’t farm all day but ask you do it when necessary. farm 2-3 rockets perday from each person and dont go out fully geared without permission. Were looking for level minded people that still have skill.

Recruitment lasts 1-2 weeks. You will still be able to participate in most clan activities. Each recruit will be assigned a person to watch over them that is a officer+. If you interested in joining please make a post that follows this format

Steamprofile URL
Prior well known clans
Hour count
Steam profile URL
Primary role(PvP, farming, building, etc)
Hours perday



Here recruitment subreddit <- far better place to post something like that.

5-9 hours a day, everyday? How does that work ?

We should find a different Name for your clan…

Don’t need to farm every day, but need to make 2-3 rockets per day.

That doesn’t even make sense. :v:

It says don’t need to farm *all day, read it properly before attempting to troll bruh.

Person must have no outside life.
must be willing to sacrifice themselves for the better of the clan both in game and in real life.
must be willing to wear white robes.
must be willing to take orders from an individual self-proclaimed title of officer like you’re in the fucking Army.
all hail the Heathen leprechaun God Garry Newman …

Taken this “game” a little bit to the extreme guys?

what did happen? :godzing: