[Clockwork] MySQL help

I’ve purchased a game server and I’ve installed Clockwork to it, I just need to know how to get the MYSQL side to work.
So, I have the libmysql.dll file in my root directory. I’ve set up my serial and have changed my clock.cfg file according:
force mysql_characters_table = characters;
force mysql_players_table = players;
force mysql_username = Control panel Login(Censored);
force mysql_password = Control panel (Censored);
force mysql_database = clockworksql;
force mysql_host = IP of my server (Censored);

I get this error message when the server is ran [Clockwork] MySQL Error: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘Ip of my server(Censored)’ (10061)

What am I seriously doing wrong, all the .dll files are uploaded to my game server host through Filezila, the authentication is right.
[CloudAuthX] You have been authorized by CloudAuthX to use HL2 RP.

So it’s just the MySQL part stuffing up. I’ve read the configuring guide of MYSQL on the wiki and the control panel is completely different and doesn’t have the same options or any other similar option.

To sum up, I’ve followed the Installing tutorial correctly. All the .dll files and clock+hl2rp files are on my host. I’ve changed my clockwork.cfg accordingly.
Do I need to do something special? Is there anything else?

Try using localhost instead of the IP of your server, if that doesn’t work, try putting (same as localhost, but some systems don’t like localhost).

Post back about results.

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Also, what is the control panel you are talking about? Do you mean phpMyAdmin?
Make sure the user that’s hooked up to the database have access points from everywhere using the % wildcard.

The localhost and the local ip address doesn’t work.
I opened a support ticket and had one of them create a database for me, I entered the details in and I get
[Clockwork] Can’t get hostname for your address

Did your host say that the MySQL Database is hosted on the same machine as your GMod server is hosted on? They should provide the info you need.

Who is your host?

I’ve been using http://zellion.com.au/ the performance is really great.

I’ve sent in a reply to the ticket to see whether it is or not.
On a side note, I can’t actually access the database, I was just given the information.

I wasn’t actually told if they were hosted both on the same machine, is that an issue if they aren’t?

Yeah because if you define the same IP as your server uses that means that the database has to be hosted on the same machine as that IP routes to that very machine…

Man, do kids these days don’t know what an IP Address is?..