Clockwork Plugins don't install.

Please, before you comment, the reason why I’m posting this here, is because we can’t make threads on the clockwork website’s support area, and we need help badly.

Recently, we bought a Clockwork HL2RP gamemode for our server. Everything works fine, except the plugins. They seem to not want to install.

[CloudAuthX] Checking and downloading default plugins...
[CloudAuthX] delaylooc plugin is up to date.
[CloudAuthX] storeflag plugin is up to date.
[CloudAuthX] trackstats plugin is up to date.
[CloudAuthX] reportplayer plugin is up to date.
[Plugin Center] Skipping Apply (missing a plugin.ini)
[Plugin Center] Skipping Metropolice Model Pack Animations Fix (missing a plugin.
[Plugin Center] Skipping MetroPolice Full Customization (missing a plugin.ini)
[Plugin Center] Updated a total of 0 subscribed plugin(s).

Since we’re very new to this, we just tried to make a plugin.ini. We followed the “flashlight” plugin.ini for an example, which was pre-installed. That didn’t work either.

Are we missing something/doing something wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

EDIT: We tried installing just one plugin, and the console said this:

[Plugin Center] Skipping Apply (missing a plugin.ini)
[Plugin Center] Updated a total of 0 subscribed plugin(s).

This is really confusing us.

I’m pretty sure that the plugin from the plugin center is supposed to come with a plugin.ini. I’d make a post on their forum, but you make get some criticism.

Yes, I was afraid I’d get Criticism on here for posting about clockwork stuff here lol. I would get criticism on there too if I posted there since I can’t post in the correct section.

You’re unlikely to get too much criticism here as long as you actually provide information people can work with, which you have done.

But yeah look for a plugin.ini file

Well see, the thing is, is that the plugins aren’t even being installed, which is the tricky part. There is no “plugin.ini” to be found sadly.

Oh right this is while trying to actually get the physical files to download?

I was thinking this was on the server when you already had the plugins.

Yeah I think it would be easiest to post on clockworks forums or submit a ticket

I made a post on there. I’m waiting to see if people will get upset with me for posting in the wrong section lol. I don’t blame them.