Clockwork problem

Hey guys

I got a bit of a problem with Clockwork at the moment… I switched hosts 2 days ago and had to reinstall, now Clockwork wont run at all…

Here is my log:

As you can see, i get the “Couldn’t include file ‘includes/modules/cloudauthx.lua’ (File not found) (@gamemodes/clockwork/gamemode/init.lua (line 10))” Error…

Some people say that its because its missing from Lua/Bin… But its there…

Any ideas?

How big is the ‘includes/modules/cloudauthx.lua’ file? Sometimes when i transfer files it doesn’t work and only some of the file is there. Check on your control panel to see if its actually got anything in it

I would recommend posting this on CloudSixteen website.

I did, i put a ticket on and they still haven’t replied after a day of waiting :l