Just wondering if the HL2RP Clockwork Schema is worth $30.

I was thinking about buying it but I don’t know.

No. Why would a gamemode be more then hl2 + garrysmod combined? Go with NutScript.

Is it just as easy to edit?


Gonna have to agree with sants on this one, and considering Clockwork runs like ass and nutscript is buttery smooth.

Mm, nutscript is free and is alot more developer friendly in my opinion.

You have to pay an additional “modification” fee for Clockwork, it’s ridiculous.

And you aren’t required to run arbitrary dll’s which have access to things they shouldn’t.

hey stop ruining kuros business he’ll dmcA!!!

What should I do anyway?

Like, 99% of this thread suggested NutScript so i guess the answer is pretty obvious.

Well if you buy clockwork just remember you got blindly scammed

Clockwork is cool, but the coder is a joke.