Clone getting a tan

Here’s one for you. Character posing isn’t really my thing. No major effects added.
Content used:
Clone trooper models pack & GMS_rollinghills
Tell me what i can improve. Thank you.

Well from what i have been told,play around with Post Processing abit,try to edit the picture with Gimp 2.0 or Photoshop,there is some tutorials around Facepunch so i suggest you look at them

Turn up your graphics, and try to use different maps, maps with a little more content in them. Try to improve your posing, stand in front of a mirror and strike different poses to see how you do them in real life.

The problem is, i don’t have counterstrike, which makes most maps USELESS

That is quite true, but try to look around, or just do a scenebuild.

Quite good, who are those in the background aswell?

Also to improve like Zeraxify said, choose a different map since that one didn’t look right.

Maybe find a star wars map? If there is one, and have a battle going on in the background while the Clone is sunbathing.

Good idea. Although, i suck at making them hold the gun.


Good idea. Although, i suck at making them hold the gun.

Use fingerposing present “Hold/Clutch”, and just edit the index finger, it’s what I do.

It’s only like 15 bucks plus tax on Steam.

Windows 7, my friend.

I’m pretty sure it works on W7 aswell.

Have you tried?

Not personally, but my friend has Windows 7 and we play CSS from time to time.

Nvm then, i’ll see what i can do.

turn up them graphics

If you have all the half-lifes(2, EP1, EP2) download some Mods from Moddb, there are some really maps on some that would fit the clone troopers(Like Dystopia or maybe even NeoTokyo), you dont need CS:S for them.