Clone trooper model

Ok, this is really pissing me off now. Where the hell am i suppose to place the folders in the downloads:

Addons Folder?

i have tried placing both in there, didn’t work

So you’re placing a folder which has other folders inside of it called “models”, “materials”, and maybe a third one called “spawnlist” along with a wordpad document called “info.txt” into your addons folder and it’s not working?


and if anyone has these clone models and player model, can they please reply with how they made it so you can see the models, thank you

Well I have them and that’s what I did with them and they were quite easy to find in the “Browse” menu (as I chose not to put the spawnlist in there).

ok i deleted the spawnlist folder, however they were there but their still black and purple

Well you didn’t have to delete the spawnlist folder, that’s just what I do. As for the black and purple, it sounds like either something was missing from the materials folder or the folder itself is just not there. Try downloading it again and placing the materials folder from the new download in to the same folder in addons where the models folder (for the star wars models) is overwriting anything it tells you to.