Clone Wars Roleplay (CWRP)

What is Clone Wars Roleplay?
Clone Wars Roleplay (CWRP) Is a Military-based Roleplay. It is based in the In Characterly (ICly) year 21 BBY. We are the 212th attack battalion. You will start off as a civilian, and if you have proven you are a good RPer. After an admin has approved, you will become a Recruit. (Make a second character)

Isn’t this somewhat off Canon?
Yes, slightly. Clones are bred to be Troopers/Sergeants etc. We promote people. I am pretty sure everyone is fine with that. Another thing that is off Canon is that our Commander is not Commander ‘Cody’. (The current Commander doesn’t want to be Cody)

Where is the server?


Which game is this?
Garry’s Mod. The gamemode is [B2-A] HL2 RP


I have made this thread to advertise our server. EVAC (DarkEspadon) has had a major player count loss. This advertisement is made in hopes to repopulate EVAC.
Jon has changed.


Rate Informatives if you might join. :buddy:

So is there like also a enemy or something?

Uh, so you roleplay as a clone and not kill anyone? Pointless.

Right now we are focusing more on player count than anything else.


We had an event where we were attacked by mercanaries sent by an unknown attacker, possibly CIS.


There’s always something to shoot, weather it be a target down a range or an NPC. The NPC may be friendly OOCly but ICly it may be an enemy (players being hostages)

The server is Experiment till our Player Count is higher.

How many players are usual on?

None. :v:
Jon hopes to fix that with Experiment RP.


Personally I think nothing will happen.

Make a enemy player faction, rebels or something. Or wookies.
Or those little pedobears.

I’d like you to stop advertising in the Star Wars: Sagas Steam group please. Thanks, lol.

This server is really good, there’s time for passive Rp and character development, and time for big events. The Admins are friendly and help you immediately once you’ve joined the server, just tell them you’re new and you’ll get help as soon as possible.

Gonna stick around here.


I am in!

But my server browser won’t find the server.

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Links don’t work, they redirect me to some minecraft rp server web-site.

Server is down, also the last post was in august. :doh:
I would have joined if it was up though.

It’s up, just played on it :s

Wrong IP then.

Working IP:

Take my heart