you wake up in a room you dont remember who you are what do you do?

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Check out that notepad. Might find something as to who and where you are.

Take a look at the dead people around you, see if you can find out how they died. Might be helpful in the future.

Find a fedora to go with your suit. Also, look around the lab and all that stuff.

looks like your name is David mason there is some other guy but someone crossed it out

you decide to look around the bodies

you find a gun with only two bullets

you find a key that may be useful in the future

you go out of the room it looks like those bodies were killed by a person, i saw things like broken necks broken arms looks like what attacked them was really aggressive

you take out you gun cuz you don’t like what you see

what now?

Check the computer console for information about the facility. Also, hit up eBay and order a fedora and some more bullets.

And a finger poser tool :buddy:

climb that ladder

Check out the Blue Screen of Death on the mid-low right, see what caused that machine to crash.

Take a look at the computers and downlod lots of info then take that saw blade thing for a weapon then take a look at the notpad on the computer then Try to find a Combine suit or take one of the dead peoples suit

See if the camera’s have recorded what happend

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This is good stuff man

The story is kinda catching. But posing could be better, and please use the fingerposing tool.