Close Air Machine Gun Support.


The sparks are really crappy and the clipping is quite noticeable.

Apart from the rim-lighting that doesn’t make sense, the lighting on the guys is superb.

What Chesty said about the rimlighting.
It’s way too strong and too bright looking from a distance, despite the source of the green light is actually a really small light source.

I love how that guy on left is just sitting there: “What a nice peaceful day.”

looks pretty good, some stuff doesn’t make sense like chesty said but its a good pic overall

The chopper’s interior looks pretty crappy. Not your best work, ddok.

[li]There is something unnatural going on with the shooter’s legs/lower abdomen.
[/li][li]Military uses MRE - Meals Ready To Eat, not K Rations. (In the box behind them)
[/li][li]The white/black points are not set correctly. Too low contrast, which affects the lighting as well.
[/li][li]Lots of foot clipping/lazy foot posing
[/li][li]Spark is blurred but not the back of the helo. (Inconsistent blurring)
[/li][li]Interior textures could use a little bit of detailing especially on those seats (repetitive).
[/li][li]The shooter is using an M60 [clone?], when there are 2 unmanned door-miniguns.
[/li][li]Don’t know what helo that is (super jolly green giant?[google it for lols or not]) but chances are the crew consists of a pilot, co pilot, crew chief (or 2) and flight engineer, whoever isn’t flying is usually gunning, even if they have to pick someone out of “cargo”. What I’m saying is there is no crew when there should be.
[/li][li]Agree with others about the rim lighting.
Also a word on rim lighting. I’m seeing a lot of people overuse it lately. It’s almost becoming like the SHEF and lens flare rape was “back in my day”. Which was a Tuesday I think.

go ask ur mama about it

Wow really?

I could have just been honest and said that it’s generic shit, but I figured I’d be kind crit it instead.

It’s generic shit.

come on it’s just game, it doent have to be realistic.
im not nerd like u so I didnt know about them

Next time, then, don’t light anything, don’t edit, in fact, turn all your graphics down to absloute minimum and don’t even bother using the camera tool. After all, realism is for NERDS right?

Go play outside, turd.

Good job. :golfclap:

Oh for fuck’s sake if he love making generic pictures let him be. Its not for you to decide.

cocaine is a hell of a drug

RMS being a dick.

Don’t tell me you’re with the OP in on this.

personally, that rim lighting is over done but let him use his own art style without calling him a turd


also go make a MRE model if you’re that picky
god and i thought i cared about realism holy shit

Pictures don’t have to be realistic. You can pose, build and edit stuff that is not even meant to be realistic. What the hell is your problem?

and GOD damn i like how RMS can be a massive dick and people agree with him but when I’m a dick (and right, see kyno) people disagree with me


also this thread is now about the label on a box

I never once tried to tell him what to do. I couldn’t give two shits in a tub what kind of garbage he churns out privately, but the second he puts it in public, all is fair game. If you can’t handle the criticism, then don’t post garbage. Period. I am not going to kiss your ass and tell you it’s good if it sucks. That’s what the other 99% of people are here for.

As far as realism not being important, that’s just a pathetic excuse for “I am not good enough to make it look convincing.”

The sad part is that you are good enough and this is complete shite compared to some of your others.

JOAZZZ: realism and reality are two different things. Even though a movie such as Alien isn’t reality at all, the aliens still rely, for example, on blood, and when you shoot them, volvo’s don’t pour from the wound. That would be unrealistic and totally stupid. I’m not saying that every soldier in the pose needs to have detailed dog tags and a complete listing of everyone’s MOS, as well as a full family tree and complete, birth-to-present biography with character references, just follow simple laws of physics.

Sorry it’s that time of the fucking month.

YES and about the K Rations, in case you have been picking your arse this whole time, I tend to throw a few jokes into my criticisms so the OP doesn’t feel like a complete piece of shit. Apparently it was a bit heady for some of you, though. :rolleyes: