close combat

Every time I watch rust videos or play I just wish it was alot more close range. I don’t know if other people feel this way, but I just want to use a street sign as a weapon or a muffler as a mace. Especially seeing the experimental branch evolve seeing all the concepts of make shift armor and weapons.

ye its called using a rock, stone hatch, hatchet, and a pick axe

Yeah, but I mean there making it look a little post civilization. So I think it would look a cooler using some things that could be found at some ruins. Plus if a muffler could be used as a melee weapon and double as crafting material for say a grenade launcher or bazooka that would be pretty cool.

so u basically want to perform a melee attack with a gun? Sounds like halo to me, just press f and see i it works.

I hope they never make a bazooka for rust!

You mean like this?

In no way shape or form was I insinuating that I wanted to melee with a gun. Im saying that there are simple things that could be used as close range weapons, but also used as crafting material for greater weapons. Either way if I wanted to hit some one with a gun like Halo than whats the problem?

I was really thinking a less gun oriented Rust.

well, i think there are survival games without guns, as u can see, they’re not good games because they can’t compare to Rust or Dayz, which both have guns. Survival games without guns is pretty boring.

Im not saying without guns. Im saying having the option to use more close combat weapons. Like legacy Rust almost seems like the whole point is to get a gun and rule with an iron fist. Purely with guns no other means of real protection.

Katanas Maces Knives Some sorts of meele weapons would be a cool addition

I just want a club so I can make the ultimate 3 6 mafia AMV.

What could a katana look like being made out of random junk.

I used to carry around a bone in my back pack it made a good club.

Sharpen a Pipe and there ya go you got a Katana/ or blade whatever

i don’t see us making proper weopons like a katana, but things like a mace, machete, bat, etc i can picture nicely since they don’t require a huge amount of skill.

A lawn mower blade would be nice. Heavey and could be sharpened to proper effect

A pipe with a bicycle handle welded on the bottom. Plus it could have some sort of rigid blade on it, so it kind of looks like a katana, but way more scarier.