Close LUA popup windows?

I’m trying to make movies out of demos of Trouble in Terrorist Town games, but whenever I had searched a body or a round ended, a LUA popup window comes up - this is fine in-game, but I have to manually close the LUA window, which would mean that I would have to babysit the demo while it makes the movie; clearly, I would like to avoid this situation.
(I seem to have to manually click on “Close” to make this window disappear, otherwise it stays open forever)

Is there a way that I can either automatically close these LUA popup windows with a console command or a LUA script, or could I disable the LUA scripts creating these popups entirely by deleting the correct file or something? (sorry for any incorrect LUA terms, I am not experienced in Gmod scripting).

Don’t use this often. It’ll cause errors.

[lua]function vgui.Create()

Unfortunately, this does not seem to work for demos that were recorded on Scriptenforcer-enabled servers.
On servers that do not have Scriptenforcer, this does indeed block all LUA popup windows - however, it also bugs up the tab scoreboard (making the top bar of it never disappear), as well as some LUA elements of the hud.

Actually, does anyone know where LUA files downloaded from game servers are placed? I have looked at the TTT game files, and I know which files I would have to remove or disable - is there a way to delete or block these specific files?