"Close your eyes honey"

Just Bill and Zoey left with nothing to defend with, they decide to accept there fate. AAHH GOD BILL!!! Why did you have to die :frowning:

Holy shit the contrast

What of it?

I KNOW! It’s almost… FITTING!

The Contrast…
It smothers them in a warm, cozy blanket for their last few seconds.

Ok…is that a good thing or bad thing?

The contrast is fitting,
I just wanted to throw a poetic feel in there.

Good thing. Great job.

What program did you add the tears in?

You look like you could do what I want. Please see my thread http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1025206-Looking-to-hire-someone-for-some-ragdoll-posing

Okie doke, I just wish I added more zombies ya know…wait I can!! I saved it MWA HAHAHAHA…ahem.

I don’t like the contrast. :colbert:

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posing on zoey and bill is lovely though

Photoshop my good friend, also loving the Dexters Lab Avatar!

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Thanks man, sorry the contrast is not to your taste though

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Good choice but In The House-In A Heartbeat by John Murphy has been done to death on zombie stuff I would have used John Murphys The Surface Of The Sun from Sunshine

Very well done, but the tears are way too heavy. Everything else is nicely done. Good work.

It seems very dark.

That’s the point all I wanted was to show Bill and Zoey embracing and also to show the Infected in the distance closing in on them

do they have sex after this?

They only have an army of zombies behind them and no weapons, why wouldn’t they?