"Close your eyes. I'm with you"


  • bonus,named “Mother never leaves her child”


I love them.

The posing on the zombies look a bit wonky.

p. cool

They are zombies,don’forget it. They should move with waving hands and being unsteady

Very nice, i love them both.

he’s like, gah bitch get off me


They’re both really great, and I was listening to some sad music when i clicked the thread aswell.

both really great and you were listening to some sad music when you clicked the thread aswell are they.


Both pics are sad :frowning: but well done.

One tip though, you shouldn’t try to cover up jagged edges by blurring them. It just makes it look wierd :wink:

I am not spambot, i am just dumb :frowning:

This made me sad… Ok it’s over. Very nice work. This type of stuff don’t need to rely on fancy editing. Have wood.

The first picture made me really sad and made me reflect about some things.
For that, I give you a wooden palette with colors in it!

(Both pictures are great, by the way :smiley: )

Well that last one is really good and sad. :c First one is nice too.

Original for the first one? I would like to edit it.

I would still run.

here you are


(as you see, i’m practically didn’t edit it…just some bluring and burning)

And hey…can anyone tell me how to post you-tube videos like everyone do in thread music?( i mean,not like a text link)
I can’t find this tag in help…