closed in skybox (around buildings) vs box around entire map

How much does a box around the entire map affect performance Vs forming the skybox around your landscape.

Also while on the subject of skyboxes how do you stop a room on the other side of a skybox from showing up

Forming your skybox to the landscape will allow a faster compile, and an fps increase by culling areas you aren’t looking at. In return, it’s only downside is that it uses more brushes and will slightly increase file size.

Using the box method will insure that your map has no leaks. It will cause longer compile times and a possibility of fps drops, depending on where you’re facing.

The box method may be preferable when you are designing your map, the final version would benefit more from a formed skybox.

Awesome, thanks.

Any ideas on this

I would think that if you separated it by two skybox brushes it may fix this problem.

Or you may investigate what func_occluderdoes, I have never used it before

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according to the page; func_occluder will only work with models. If it’s brushwork you’re trying to hide; try the first method.