Answer Gived, thanks !

I think it’s generally not a good idea to give the game key to YouTuber with 300k subscriptions. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The game is not ready yet, and it may alienate viewers from it as it is not a finished game. Give Facepunch time and eventually he would get the key as a press kit. :+1:
The exception is our beloved Craze, he encourages viewers with what can be added to the game :heart:


Oh ok I see ^^ Thanks for your answer !

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Here’s the form but I don’t think it gets looked at daily or a lot.

If you need any help hit me up at Divined#9833 (or if Toasted gets an extra key ;))- have a good one!

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I think Garry forgot the idea of checking the submissions, it would take too long.

Are you ToastedShoes manager? You can probably get in contact with someone directly on twitter.

The form is not used anymore, and filling it in will likely get you nowhere. There has been some discussions with Garry on alternative methods for key qualification, but he has not released the exact details.


Thanks for all your answers ! So in a nutshell, there isn’t anyway to ask for it ? ^^

Not really, plus, there is no content for the person to make a video of aside from flinging around traumatized Terry’s.


Haha yes I have understand that but he got some good devs that can make him cool stuff for him and his friend in a short lapse of time ^^

Nah, in a month or two it will probably be way easier to get access. And, by then there will be more content from users and improvements from FP.