Closer than death

Music goes great with it, It’s just the asphalt texture distracting your eyes from the dead guys. Great picture, I like the smoke.

Wow, these soldiers are even duller than the ones usually seen in these screenshots because they’re not moving.

Clever idea. I like it. You are good at these somewhat emotional screenshots.


Great music choice too. That’s a beautiful piece of music. I feel this fits quite well too, albeit more cliched:

What? The reply box changed?

Not derailing, not even trying too, just noticed.

I like it very much, this is one of the few pages with generenics that I don’t close directly, Its nice to see them in a more dramatic way instead of shooting and shooting and shooting.

corpses, eeew

Wasn’t that the music from LOST?
When one of the guys on it drowns?

Anyway, I like it… Rated heart.

Wow, very good. Made me sad because those guys died. (NO REALLY?) Nah it’s good. Polite for you!

Also I do apologize if I came off as a jackass during that comment.

Wow, this happened to me in Mw2, I was owning 3 guys then someone comes and shoots me in back of head with deagle, and our body’s were like this

You know, i’m so tired of screenshots when someone beats/shoots/bites someone…and every time when I start to do them I catch a thought that I don’t want to stare at a screen for one more hour to create one more standard picture and get some standard comments…

But, on the other hand, action pictures are the most impressive things that can be created in Gmod

Anyway,thank you,guys