CloserS Server - No Lagg - 100 M/s - Wire,PHX,Jobs= SVN !!!Read Inside Please!!!

-Hello everyone-

Well yeah I start a DarkRP Server and its new and i went like most of you also through that crap with RDM , Minge etc.
Now i want to make a DarkRP Server thats not Super Serious and not Mingey.

I am the Owner of the Server and want to advertise for the CloserS server here are some information about the Server.

Server Info :

Server Name :CloserS Server - No Lagg - 100 M/s - Wire,PHX,Jobs= SVN
IP :
Gamemode : DarkRP
Max.Players : 24
VAC : On (Not a Cracked Server)
Map : RP_townsend_v1_5
Current Prop Limit for Players : 150

The Map that currently is running is RP_townsend_v1_5

Yes ,on the Server runs Wire SVN / PHX SVN

Also Expression 2 but E2 is only allowed for Trusted Players.

Yes it got weather mod with storms and alot things

Super Admin:Kuzco


I use Exsto its better !!

Current Jobs :

All Default DarkRP SVN Jobs +

Custom Jobs :

Black Market Dealer, Bartender , Drug Dealer , Thief , Presenter , Car Dealer.

This job is not permanently i will remove some jobs and i will add more jobs.

Here are the Server Door Groups for specific Jobs

Door Groups :

Cops Only
Mayor Only
Gun Dealers only

I hope you give the CloserS Server a visit and tell other people about it i would appreciate that ^^.



Good luck with making your server not mingey.

Hey you see your face :slight_smile:

This guy is really smart.

This ad is not professional at all and I don’t see how you could possibly attract anything but mingebags. Add some pictures, look at ads submitted by other people and for the love of god, don’t insult people in your thread (actually, don’t insult people at all).

Fix those spelling errors, and you don’t have to tell us what admin mod you use, because people most likely do not care…there is no need

I do not want to be rude but I guarantee I’ll be successful.

Successful in what? Did the OP accidentally post this in his second account he was going to use to promote himself? :stuck_out_tongue:

As there will be successful.
This post its a shit block it.

Trumple, are you involved in XGT Gaming? Isn’t that the “DO NOT USE” hosting site?

Is there a website?

When I saw that it had RP_townsend_v1_5 I went :D. But then I saw the WIRE and I went D:

I connect and its a very good server , just try it .

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The owner give me .

You are rating yourself, and your grammar is the same as the OPs. :frog:

What is your problem i try the server and i think its very good!

OK so the in Ctech means C=Closer and Tech = S

OMFG “CloserS”

So CloserS is Ctech

It is OP. Same FB/garrysmod/youtube account. Pathetic.

Yes its true your Facebok/twitter/weebsite. Pathetic

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Combine Tech. HAHAHA

Good god you’re dumb.

Holy shit, this is funny.