Closet clothing model - more info inside

I would love the following models, images are provided for some:

Closet Bars (Sizes: 60 wide, 2" diameter, ‘center’ at the edge); One for each end, and one for in-between.

For all of these, the ‘center’ should be the actual center.
Shirts of varying types (long sleeve, short, tank tops, etc), on hangers and off.
Pants on hangers, or as they would be if thrown off.
Sweat pants.

Underwear, folded, optional; Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bras, etc.

Jackets and collared shirts.

Socks, folded together. (Just two of them, not a row of them like below)

A dresser, two drawers open with one further out than the other.

A shoe rack.

I’m wagering that these pictures are going to make this post HUGE!:tinfoil:
I would love the above models, images are provided for some.

Dont the L4D or L4D2 have models like this?

I’m mapping in regular hammer. I have both L4D and L4D2, and I thought about that… but I want the flexibility that this provides, where the L4D models are more… static. I can’t move a shirt down the line if I use the L4D models.

Unless you want me to put all of the L4D models of that sort in the Episode 1/2 folders…

I guess no one is going to make these models, huh? Damn.

Just use textures