Cloth, Leather, Rad, Kevlar, BIOSTEEL?! (New highest tier armour?)

Currently Kevlar is the best armour in the game, and yes its pretty hard to make, but normally you can make yourself a set pretty quickly.

Now I was pretty sceptical when I saw this picture, because I mean, a goat that produces a material stronger than Kevlar, A GOAT?!

But this is true! BIOSTEEL is a material that is actually stronger than Kevlar, also lighter and is used for armour!

But seriously why not have an armour that is near impossible to craft, it would at least separate the men from the boys and add an extra incentive.

This would tie in nicely with the next researching nerf they are discussing as well, as it would “extend gameplay.”

Your views?

No, we aren’t going to be genetically modifying goat embryos in rust you weirdo…

I guess we could just impregnate the goats? You know… seeing as we are naked?

Or just introduce the ‘SpiderGoat’ mob lol.

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Be Gone Demon Spawn!

nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah SPIDERPIG i mean goat

Rock + Low grade Metal = Instruments (needle/knife etc…)
Instruments + Medkit = Implant kit.

Sorted! Now we just need a willing goat!

Why would we need a new highest armor?