Cloth Physics/Bones on a model for Gmod?

Has anyone figured this out? I’d like to make a characters robes/skirt/sash act like cloth, is there a way with the physics/bones to do this? Instead of making Jigglebones on the ValveSkeleton I’d like to know if cloth simulation is possible on a player model.

AFAIK, adding jigglebones to the Valve skeleton is the best way to go. Considering you need the Valve skeleton to have a playermodel, the cloth parts of a model would need to be weighted to some bones which would give the cloth a typical “stiff” look. Adding bones to the skeleton wouldn’t mess up the playermodel capabilities, and it would allow you to make flow-like clothing.

Unless someone out there has a different method, jigglebones are the most common that I’ve heard of.

Unless you want to bonemerge a ragdoll to your model which requires lua and may have various other issues or unless you want to bake animations in, jigglebones are generally the ideal route.