Clothing/Armor Identification

I know this is pretty noobish of me to bring up, but I’ve been isolating myself from other players in-game, so I have trouble identifying types of armor on people. I’ve seen people with what I can safely say is cloth pants or shirts, but I can’t identify much else. I have also seen what looks like a shemagh/face mask and a beanie on multiple players. Can anyone help me (preferably with images) with armor identification?

Clothes = beige/scrappy look (like just some cloth bound around your feet instead of shoes/boots. Also a beige shemagh)
Leather = red hoodie, blue jeans and brown boots. I think the leather helmet is the black shemagh
Kevlar = everything black, black beanie
Rad suit = cloth armor in green (green hoodie, though. Maybe the leather armors pants, just in green)

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

At first I thought leather would be completely black. Felt super stealthy with leather armor on me… :suicide:

From left to right : Rad Suit ; Cloth ; Leather ; Kevlar

Never realized before quite how few models they had for clothing lol

Between the 4 sets they have a total of 2 helmets (leather/kevlar and cloth/rad), 2 vests (leather/rad and kevlar/cloth), 2 pants (leather/kevlar/rad and cloth) and 2 boots (leather/kevlar and cloth/rad) just with different colored textures. Kevlar vest has some weird black layer over it, that’s why the arms and hands are black.

Hopefully they will get some new models soon.

awesome now i know what i look like in armor!