Clothing, Armor, Variety! ~Trading Luxury for Possibility~

As much as the clothing variety has been increased sky-high with the addition of all these new color ideas and designs not only by Facepunch but also with the new Steam Workshop ideas i feel the game is still lacking when it comes to really bringing out the potential of the clothing section of Rust. Sure we have loads of ways to make ourselves look interesting or give our clans some way to make ourselves look different from others… But where are the clothes that have tradeoffs? For those of you whom don’t understand what I’m getting at I’m talking about clothing and armor with additional benefits other than just “looking cool or silly”. I’m referring to new clothing and armor that can give us more inventory slots at the cost of less protection or clothing that can conceal our player names until they are removed… Clothing that can help us run faster or even give extreme protection at the cost of movement speed! There are so many possibilities that can be implemented for a better gaming experience that players wont know what benefits to trade for what! :scream:

I have come up with many-an-idea and would like to suggest them for possible creation. These ideas come with inspiration from other survival games and my own foolish mind which still grant tons of fun when people want to change how they look, seem “Badass”, Roleplay or just even just give the game some stronger balance.

As stated i have so many ideas and id like to share them all with you Id also like to hear your own ideas so that we can polish them down and offer them up to Facepunch as possible ingame items that we can actually use.

  • Sunglasses: I’m sure you’ve all noticed the sun glare when your screen is in the direction of the sun. At the cost of protection you can use these to remove the sun glare and/or even just reduce the brightness and give the overall view a new darker shade. Not only that but wearing these at night would just make it all the harder to see even when it comes to lights from fireplaces and even torches.

  • Homemade shoes: Not just for comfort, these shoes can allow you to run faster allowing you to travel longer distances in less time. I feel however to balance this out they could have a durability so that once you’ve used them enough they become “worn” which either reduces their speed increase by a great deal or just makes them a slightly better version of burlap shoes that have already been implemented in the game

  • Wigs & Animated Hats: I’m quite sure not everyone likes being bald and as a player whom in real life i have a great deal of long flowing hair i can say im one of them. Such cosmetic items would not only allow us to “have hair” but it would also allow us to add a little bit of our own ability to customize how our characters look aside from the generated models we are forced to use. And for those people whom would like to just cover up that baldness or just seem silly, maybe some players can wear a Pinwheel shirt on their head that spins around as they walk/run or even some type of Bubble Wand hat that leaves a trail of bubbles that pop after a second or three of their existence (The bubble hat can even run on low grade fuel as a we… Fuel!)

  • Combat Enhancing Gloves:: I know many of you out there like the melee combat in rust and i don’t blame you. With the addition of all these new melee weapons being added to the game i’m sure you wanna know what i have to say about this! In a world where the inability to punch is a bit bothersome, whether the developers intend to add the ability to punch or not is beyond me. But if they don’t want to make you able to defend yourselves with your bare fists i offer the ability to add in Brass Knuckles or even handmade gloves with nails or some kind of metal/wood scrap sticking out of the ends to ADD the ability for players to punch their enemies. Not only would there e gloves that let you defend yourself (obviously faster than a rock with more damage but less than a melee weapon) but gloves that can increase your usage of weapons you hold in your hands! These gloves i see as giving the players better Grip on the weapon just as you would have when playing baseball and holding a bat or in famous movies where the antagonist or protagonist would wear gloves to allow better swordplay just as in the title “Blade”. They could allow faster swings, stronger swings or even allow certain swing-types to appear more often such as the 2-Handed swords thrust attack!

  • Vests and Pocketed Shirts: Simple yet effective, here we have non-combat clothing that instead of giving you bonuses… they add more inventory space! Whether you’re on a barrel run, roleplaying that your friends and you are hikers or even if you’re just resource gathering nothing saves space like EXTRA space. Obviously shirts with inventory space can seem quite silly or broken if you were to store 1000 logs of wood in a chest pocket or if you were to have a Assault rifle sticking out of your pants (as if you could ever actually fit one in there. I mean really… you’d look silly in actuality) so i recommend with pants and shirts the ability to add slots for small things such as blueprints, tools, rocks, bone fragments and other such small things (grenades even). When it comes to vests however i suggest a mixture of space for stacks of 500 resources as well s the ability to fill those stacks with single tools instead.

  • Masks: Sneaky? Don’t want players to know who you are and want to remain anonymous? Wanna kill your friend and get away with it? Awesome then this is for you! I recommend the ability for not only additional masks but the feature for masks to cover up your name! This would allow you to take people out not only from afar but quite far away as well if you have a gun. It seems very silly for players to be able to shoot you from a tower and you supposedly can tell who the hell they are even if you don’t see them. In general, Masks would remove your name from being over your head as well as remove your name from showing in the Death information. (Helmets such as the Riot Helmet being unaffected by this obviously because the face is revealed). I can see players trying out Bandana masks, mixing sunglasses and mouth pieces, metal masks and much more if this were to be implemented.

  • Heavy Armor Tweaks: With the soon-to-be addition of the Heavy Armor(s) and the Swat Armor being added to the game i would like to point out the recent trend with wearing whatever kind of protection you want… It has NO consequence! You can wear heavy metal signs on your body or wood without any impact to maneuverability. Obviously this is a problem to some realism nuts as well as balancing in general. I feel that when the Heavy Metal Armor(s) DO(ES) come out that it should give a movement REDUCTION at the cost of being far more resistant to damage than Swat Armor. This makes sense in my honest opinion as it would be MUCH heavier just as it was for the nights in the middle ages. This would ALSO allow for fun roleplay situations such as players pretending to me midevil knights not to mention a scenario where a raid would be going on and you want your “heaviest” men going into a building first as a precaution for if they get shot at. When it comes to the Swat armor i would expect it to protect less than the Heavy Metal Armor(s) that make you look like a walking Furnace-Robot but allow you to keep your movement speed and possibly even give you an extra inventory slot or two depending on how Facepunch designs the meshs for how they will look.

  • Ingame Shirt Customization: You know how there are so many plain shirts and there’s also the ability to paint signs? Grand! Now… this is JUST an idea that i actually came up with while typing this out but what if you could use the painting feature to make your own shirts ingame. Not everything in the workshop is going to get approved and we all know people love to see their own work. So what if you could share that work with people wherever you go?? The addition of a shirt customization station (i feel) would be an interesting idea though obviously it would need a good deal of debate as to whether or not to add such a thing to the game. Im unfamiliar with how the clothing meshes work but if players can put a layer of color over them then that would allow for some interesting results. (It could also remove the need for a lot of workshop items if players are good enough at drawing with the paint feature in Rust)

Ok guys I’ve shared with you my ideas for additional clothing and improvements. As you well know Variety is the Spice of Life Gentlemen (and Women) and in a game like rust where people try to differentiate themselves from each other or just impress people (or just be a dick) i find Variety to indeed be a important factor in survival. My ideas will force players to think hard about what they want to wear. They cant have everything and will lose some benefits for others. Im really looking forward to hearing your own ideas and opinions. I know many of you might not like my balance tweaks just as many people prefer “Legacy Rust” because it is “easier” but there is always the possibility people will take to my ideas and build upon them to make them better. I WANT to hear your ideas and i know you want Facepunch to hear them as well so leave them below for us to look over! :joy:

Now… Will YOU help make this a thing?
(Post your opinions for this and your own ideas down below. I really wanna hear feedback and input!)

Bleh, in regards to clothing and movement speed/ slots, clothing is not the place to begin. We need a whole inventory system overhaul giving choice items weight or bulkyness.

Bulkyness meaning you have to hold it in your hands or drop it.(important)
Weight meaning too many of this item slow you down (less important).