Clothing skins not working!

So I have been playing on a server for some time now and I have all the clothes bp’s but for some reason now I can’t craft my cool punk rock boots or skull t-shirt, it will only let me craft default skins for all clothing items. Anyone else having this problem?

I’m also having this issue. I own every skin unable to craft any of them.

Happened to me a couple weeks ago. i restarted Steam and it was fixed

This has continually been happening to me for weeks no fix. Steam Restart has not fixed it. Reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling Rust hasn’t work. I’ve tried tons of stuff no success.

i suggest posting everything you HAVE tried here in detail so a)others can try those steps and b)anyone who has any suggestions doesn’t tell you to do the same thing again. it will also help people narrow down what the root cause could be.

Relogging Rust, Relogging Steam, clear local cashe, check integrity of the game on steam, reformat my SSD and install steam and Rust, open Rust not using steam, restarting my modem, alot of stupid other things that by some chance they might have worked, but continuing not to work.

I just want to use the skins I paid for. I feel that no action is happenino and no response from anyone from FacePunch. It’s a Monetary transaction which is not being addressed and should be.