Clothing System

Well, a close friend andrew mcwatters, released this “a little while ago/couple minutes/hours”, i think you would all enjoy it ^^

A bit more info woul dbe nice.
Does this simply lay two models on top of each other?

If Andrew McWatters released it a while ago then why does this thread exist?

  1. It’s not your work
  2. it’s already released
  1. He asked me to do it/make this thread since hes banned “He got banned for a stupid reason, Perma banned might i add”.
  2. It was a LITTLE while ago.
  3. MEEP!

no screenshots or anything?

I belive there at the download page.

The fact that it was released a little while ago should be a reason not to do it.

And what the hell is “MEEP” supposed to mean?

FPtje, it’s not your business.

Meep is a word used for random terms. Plus the fact that he ASKED ME to do it. I do favors for my friends :3:

What is that supposed to mean? It’s like saying “It’s not your business to tell me it’s not my business”.
It doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway I thought you meant it was released on facepunch before.

It’s not your business to tell to Zoey that she should not create a thread. Firstly, you’re not a moderator, secondly, it’s maybe not her work but she got her friend’s agreement and thirdly there have no thread about this.

Edit: Also, your “Bad Spelling” is inappropriate because english is not my first language. Try to learn french and we’ll talk about my english vocabulary.

I was just saying that he shouldn’t make a thread if it’s been released before.

If CapsAdmin asked me to make a thread on Facepunch about PAC, why would I do it, it was already released?

Like I said, I didn’t know it hadn’t been released on facepunch yet, I thought there was already a thread. Which isn’t really stupid to think, when someone says “it was released a while ago” on facepunch it is reasonable to think it was released on facepunch a while ago.

I take back my statement that it should not be re-released. The text in the first post was misleading.

Also I remember seeing something very similar to this. I might be wrong though.

Edit: Found it:

This is probably a different script though.

Indeed it does look the same, but still, dont ask me, He just asked me to make a thread so turn your attention to the main aspirer

This is pretty cool.


The body becomes visible whne you die though. At least on the server I’m on.

I don’t have the death ragdolls thing on my test server so it fucks up clientside.

Yeah, i believe mcwatters said that you kinda need the Death ragdolls for it to not F-Up like that.

Very original idea but I do not need this as of now, if I did, I would download it.

(To Mcwatters, not OP)

This mod has great potential but I’m going to leave it uninstalled until there’s a way to deselect clothing. Really hoping he keeps updating this.

i dont understand which one to install… ep2 dod css or reg? help me out here

Please stfu