Clothing will slow you down.

I think there needs to be speed differences when wearing certain clothing. For instance, when you’re naked you will run the fastest, when you have Kevlar on you will be the slowest. Maybe this could stop all the Kevlar murdering people to just run everywhere to murder innocent naked people.

I was thinking the same thing. I think i mentioned it in one of my threads :stuck_out_tongue:
Completely agree.
Also, I think your weapon type should reduce your speed a little as well.
It’s realistic that someone with a pistol can run faster than someone with an assault rifle(I know from real life experience lol)

IMHO they should add weight to items, that would reduce moment speed.

I know game mechanics are there for balance, and not realism, but I encourage you to go to you local woods/forest, strip down to you skivvies (or naked, if you prefer), and see how fast you can run through the undergrowth, barefoot and with nettles and branches caressing your tender bits!

lol true. but you can also run faster in cloth shoes than boots.