Cloud in the Sector 5 church

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You should probably look at the original.

His hair is like a sea urchin.

Nice lighting.

Good lighting.

His skin edit looks very nice.
Artistic for you.

Well it’s a good attempt at making shitty textures not look like shit.


I don’t know anything about FF but the editing looks nice, that model must not have been easy to work with

Good lighting, and you turned a shit model into a high-definition one, Good editing on the shadows of his hair and skin.

Nice Lighting. Looks HD now.

Nice work re-vamping the model like that, are you still using that old technique you told me about with blending other objects on-top of it?

I like the detail in the jacket.

I’m not sure what you mean. I do it by using photographs of real-life textures, and then applying them on a new layer as an overlay (and messing with saturation and brightness/contrast) on top of the original picture.

Thats pretty much what i meant, i just didn’t explain it right :smiley: yeah that works really well

It’s a bit boring.

It’s either “uuh Chesty you generic fucker” or “boring” or “hurf these dun lookz like spashmareens”. I can’t win.

I don’t care about genericness or spacemarines (By the way, how could anyone complain about how they look, we don’t have spacemarines yet.) But, as I said, it’s a bit boring, there isn’t much going on.

What would Cloud be doing, beating people up? No idea cause I haven’t played Final Fantasy.
But I think it is just a little bit boring compared to your other stuff (people expect high standards from Chest). But the pic looks pretty. :slight_smile:

Should have altered the general shape of the model via photoshop, but other than that it looks decent. You’re getting much better at texturing.

All that editing and you didn’t even smooth out the polygon edging? Don’t get me wrong, it looks cool and all that, but I was expecting a smoother overall shot.

Thanks for the criticism. I will go away and build on it and update the OP soon-ish.