Clouds draw but stars don't? (env_skypaint)

Hey guys, you might’ve seen my old thread regarding env_skypaint, now I’m encountering the issue where.

I can use sky:SetStarTexture(“skybox/clouds”) and the clouds appear and work fine and dandy, but as soon as I set it to “skybox/starfield” nothing appears, I just get a clear sky, I’ve tried changing the scale, fade etc.

What could I be doing wrong? (The map is on rp_evocity_v33x, it works fine on flatgrass.)

Skypaint only support one texture being drawn so far.
I’ll suggest you look into the following hook: GM/PostDraw2DSkyBox or just render the clouds with cam.Start3D2D

DuskScale, and I think a few other functions play a part in how bright the stars appear, and if they even appear at all.

Hmm, Nak. It works fine with other maps, but evocity it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t work the map doesn’t have the entity “env_skypaint”.

You’re not reading my thread properly. It does have env_skypaint, because I run a check for it and if it’s not there I spawn it.

I said that it works fine with clouds, like I can sky:SetStarTexture(“skybox/clouds”) clouds pop up and work all fine and dandy, but as soon as I sky:SetStarTexture(“skybox/starfield”) the sky is clear and just a normal sky.


Make sure you have DrawStars set to true.

if table.Count(ents.FindByClass(“env_skypaint”)) >= 1 then sky = ents.FindByClass(“env_skypaint”)[1] else
local sky = ents.Create(“env_skypaint”)

That’s what I’m using.

There’s a few other functions:

SetTopColor, SetBottomColor, SetSunColor, SetDuskColor, SetFadeBias, SetSunSize, SetDuskScale, SetDuskIntensity, SetHDRScale.

For my night I set the following to 0: FadeBias, DuskScale, DuskIntensity. Those should be the functions you need in order to see stars at night.

I found out what the issue was.

Other functions that I was running was messing with how well you could see the stars (I was using daynight_brush and it was messing with my env_skypaint.)

Thanks for trying to help me everybody!

Excellent! I recommend deleting the day_night brush completely from v33 with the new env_skypaint system.

That is exactly what I did to fix it! Thanks a bunch mate.