Cloudscipt/Toybox isn't loading for me....

Yay! Probelm fixed, I deleted my entire garrysmod folder, not just the garrysmod/garrysmod folder

It’s most likely your internet connection.

Also +menu does not do anything.

+menu (in console) toggles the q menu (for me) and im sure it’s not my internet. It was working fine until it was in the tabs. Ill upload screenshot and show you guys.


Image is now in the OP

Disable sharpeye

Gah, I should try that…


It doesn’t work!

I’m gunna clear out my download cache and look for the code…

I deleted every single folder in the garrysmod section (besides addons and maps, i’ve moved them to desktop) and the only 2 things it wouldn’t delete were the resource file, and oddly enough, it would not let me delete:
garrysmod\garrysmod\bin oybox.dll
So how do I delete it so i can make it the most up to date?


Fucking cocksucker, I renamed toybox.dll, and it made a new one.
I go in garrysmod and it’s still not loading!


I’m going to reinstall…


Dammit, I reinstalled it, and it is still broken for me!

No errors in the console? Do any other HTML controls work for you? Like the F1 help screen?

Check your firewall/antivirus/modem settings

It takes something like 30sec for me to load toybox. It’s annoying to hold the Q key during 30sec just to wait for toybox to load.

Does it take 30 seconds for this to load:

The page loads quickly in the web browser.

Well… I just tried again on Gmod and this time it loaded much faster (5sec), but sometimes it really takes a lot more time to load (15-30 sec). My wireless connection is buggy, it’s maybe the cause of loading time.

Does the site appears once everything is loaded?

I should try the F1 menu

No it takes 4 seconds


The F1 help menu works… is it my firewall?


Nope. Checked my firewall. Anything to do with steam and HL2 are allowed

i got the same problem :frowning:

My cloudscript is not loading as well and i cant see the gmod school.

Infact nothing that uses html is working at all.

i re-installed whole steam lol xD

and it worked :smiley:

You could just reinstall garrys mod.

Not steam.


I reinstalled garrysmod, didn’t fix te probelm though.
You could of just removed the garrysmod folder