Cloverfield Monster Model (Not Parasite)

I recently saw a Parasite model and NPC. But I think there should also be a Cloverfield Monster Model, and if someone can, try making an NPC. Please do NOT make this if you don’t know what it looks like. Thanks!

I do not own Cloverfield or any other bullcblah blarap h blah blah…

Well, it’d be very nice, but have you seen the size of Clover? Could she even fit in the map? :v:

They got Zilla on maps.

So why not Clover?

I remember when the parasite was being developed, there were talks about a Clover model but there were issues over the scale and textures and all that jazz etc.

so I don’t think it will happen, unfortunately.

If there is a given model with textures I would gladly port it. :smile:

In ragdoll form I mean.